What is ABA?
Applied Behavior Analysis is a research-based, data-driven approach toward helping people and organizations improve human behavior. ABA is especially applicable to children with autism, assisting them to better communicate, acquire social skills, and develop appropriate behavior.

What qualifies a child to receive services?
Children typically qualify for ABA services when they receive an autism diagnosis or when ABA is prescribed for behavioral problems which may attend other disabilities such as ADHD or Down Syndrome.

What types of insurance does Hi-5 ABA accept?
Hi-5 ABA Processing submits credentialing applications on behalf of its franchisees to agencies that cover ABA on a state-by-state basis, with a focus on Medicaid and Tricare/Humana, due to the comparative scope of their coverage and accessibility. Hi-5 ABA offices accept all major insurances.

If my child has an autism diagnosis, will s/he qualify for Medicaid? Is it difficult to apply? How long does it take?
In our experience, most children with a diagnosis qualify for Medicaid unless the child is independently wealthy (e.g., has a large trust personal account). The financial condition of the parents does NOT disqualify the child and should be EXCLUDED information in the child’s Medicaid application. Medicaid offers multiple benefits without charge. We recommend obtaining free assistance from expert organizations such as “Moms in Motion,” a non-profit organization that charges no fee for assisting parents to obtain Medicaid coverage for qualifying children—typically within about 30 days.

What ages do you take?
Hi-5 ABA supports the focused age ranges of each franchisee. Insurance agencies will often cover services up to age 21, but franchisees may accept self-pay or other insurances that exceed that.

Where are services provided?
Service authorizations generally center upon the child’s home environment and physical center but may include community outings and social groups.

Nature of Services. How are services performed?
Services begin with an initial assessment and orientation to services performed by a Licensed Behavior Analyst. The client must be present for both meetings. After the initial assessment, the analyst will design a treatment plan and apply for authorization from an applicable insurer. During Orientation, the analyst and parent(s) will plan a weekly schedule for treatment. Direct therapy generally runs 10-30 hours/week, depending upon the client’s needs, and is performed substantially by one or more behavior technicians under the direction of the analyst. The analyst provides specific instruction to the behavior techs, performs remote and/or on-site supervision as appropriate, and modifies the treatment plan as progress occurs. Reassessment and reauthorizations typically occur every six months if continued services remain necessary.

In what locations does Hi-5 ABA provide ABA services?
Hi-5 ABA has franchise locations nationwide and is registered to offer franchises in 49 states (Washington is the exception) and Canada. Please see the Locations tab for info on our existing locations.