Why Franchise?

Hi-5 ABA works diligently to continue a disciplined effort toward maintaining an excellent reputation in the industry. Hi-5 ABA prioritizes: professional ethical standards; strict integrity with respect to records, disclosures, and claims; and genuine care toward client families, company personnel, and other industry participants. Franchisees share the benefits and responsibilities inherent in Hi-5 ABA’s systems, culture, and relationships within the industry.

At the same time, franchisees: own and operate their own practices; enjoy clinical independence to design and execute treatment plans; determine their own pace for direction, growth, and business style; and receive broad, expert administrative support on an economical basis.

Hi-5 ABA and its affiliate processing team (Hi-5 ABA Processing, Inc.) provide support services to help franchisees develop their business plans, recruit staff, obtain appropriate credentials, relate effectively with insurers, file and collect claims, process payroll, manage accounting, and maintain cash flow.

Our Business Model

Hi-5 ABA utilizes a unique and proven franchising model enabling franchise owners to build their business the way they want while Hi-5 ABA handles all back-end processes. Hi-5 ABA and its affiliates offer support services to help franchisees establish and develop their practice. They continue to help the franchisee build their practice’s staff and clientele while providing back-office supports. From there, Hi-5 ABA works diligently to ensure that franchisees have the autonomy and freedom to operate their practices as they choose.


Franchise FAQS

  1. Who owns the franchise?
  2. I am a BCBA. How much experience do I need to be considered for a franchise opportunity?
  3. How much does Hi-5 ABA charge for its administrative support services?
  1. How much money can I make owning my own Hi-5 ABA franchise?
  2. What sort of support services does Hi-5 ABA provide to its franchisees?
  3. How much does it cost to start a Hi-5 ABA franchise?
  1. Can I read the Franchise Disclosure Document?
  2. What do I need to do to get started?

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