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CEO-to-CEO: The Math of Recruiting

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Dear CEO:

Alongside our roles as visionary/architect for our businesses, and the necessity of full-scope oversight, talent acquisition is a primary function for every CEO.

Building an organization is fundamentally about developing an environment conducive to the growth of personnel who provide goods and services to clients and customers.

The better the environment, which includes recruiting, training, and career-nurture, the longer the right people will want to stay with you and help you to build. An ideal, harmonious work culture is one in which employers and employees collaborate to help one another grow.

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Quality Services

Providing quality services to a growing number of people requires a dynamic perspective which incorporates ongoing development of systems and personnel.

For perspective, let’s consider a business model with which are all generally familiar—a school. We can make it a private school in a growing small town which has more would-be students than other available schools to accommodate them.

The owner (or principal) of the school is tasked with a two-variable goal—(1) provide quality education to (2) as many students as practicable. Expanding quality services in an ABA practice (or any other service business, for that matter) involves the same two variables—quality services to as many clients as is practicable. Calculating what that equation looks like is part science, and part art.


ABA Provider in College Park, GA

ABA Provider in College Park, GA

Patrick Thorbourne M.Ed., BCBA joins Hi-5 ABA! Now offering ABA therapy services to children with autism and related developmental disabilities in College Park, Georgia. ABA Direct’s mission is to establish, foster, and nurture generative learning relationships between their clients, caregivers, and staff members. Patrick and his staff’s primary focus is to bring an evidence based, behavior analytic approach to addressing client and caregiver long-term outcomes through a strength-based paradigm.

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ABA Provider in Leesburg, VA

ABA Provider in Leesburg, VA

Janet Rogers, M.ED., BCBA joins Hi-5 ABA! Now offering ABA therapy services to children with autism and related developmental disabilities in Leesburg, Virginia. IMPACT ABA’s mission is to provide high-quality, family-centered, ethical ABA therapy services to individuals and their families based on best practice evidence-based interventions and positive interactions with others.

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ABA Provider in Washington, DC

ABA Provider in Washington, DC

SHAWNA L. TYREE, M.S. BCBA, of Blossom Therapy Services joins Hi-5 ABA! Now offering ABA therapy services to children with autism and related developmental disabilities in Washington, DC. Blossom Therapy Services is a place for families of children with special needs to get the support and tools to access the full potential of their child.

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