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ABA Provider in Portland

ABA Provider in Portland, OR.

Nirvana Kowlessar-Hirshleifer, MA, BCBA, LBA of Mighty Oak ABA, an ABA provider in Portland, OR, joins Hi-5 ABA! Might Oak strives to help foster an empowered autistic community by nurturing development through access to highly informed, empathetic, and ethical ABA services in and around Portland, OR.

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ABA Provider in Detroit, MI.

ABA Provider in Detroit, MI.

Mariah Harrison is the owner of Budding Behavior Therapy, an independently owned and operated ABA therapy franchise of Hi-5 ABA.  Mariah and her husband, Dwayne, decided to open their services in hopes to provide a family feel to clients in search of an ABA provider in Detroit, MI and the surrounding metro area. 

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ABA Provider in Front Royal, VA.

ABA Provider in Front Royal, VA.


Rachel Paugh M.Ed., BCBA, LBA is the Owner of Liam’s Chance Behavioral Services, a Hi-5 ABA provider located in Front Royal, VA. “As the mother of an autistic child, I’m so very excited to be a resource to people in my area. I know when I was going through the process of his diagnosis and figuring out treatment I felt very much alone. My ultimate goal was to be a resource to families in the area going through similar struggles. I want people to know that they are not alone and that there is support out there for children and families that need it.”

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CEO to CEO: The Non-BCBA Franchisee/Lead-BCBA Relationship

As a non-BCBA franchisee, you can successfully establish a vibrant, effective ABA practice, but only through one or more BCBAs who are sufficiently competent to execute the many clinical duties involved. The Non-BCBA Franchisee/Lead-BCBA Relationship

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CEO to CEO: Is a BCBA qualified to open an ABA Practice without assistance from specialists in other fields?

Yes, to a point, assuming the BCBA has sufficient clinical experience, a decent degree of business acumen, and appropriate state licensing. 

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CEO to CEO: Interviewing BCBAs

Interviewing BCBAs

A strong pilot episode for a new television show is uniquely dynamic.  Written to capture the imagination of someone with the power to make the series a success, the pilot is designed to introduce each primary character in a snappy, winsome manner, while outlining both plot and theme for the entire series.  Watch the first episode of “Friends” and notice how poignantly the entire ten seasons are captured within twenty-three minutes.  Interviewing BCBAs ABA


Whether I am interviewing a client, parent, tech, or meeting anyone else for the first time, I want to hit the key particulars which mark the direct purpose of the meeting—job description, prerequisites, pay, time-frames, etc.—but my larger goal is to place those particulars within a larger-picture context.  I want to take off my “employer hat” and wear a “brother hat” or a “dad hat” and connect with them as someone who cares about their life and career plans.  If I can capture a sense of their dreams and passion, it might even help them to capture something of mine.

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