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BCBA to BCBA: Joy Through ABA

BCBA to BCBA: Joy Through ABA

Do you bring joy to your clients and their families? Does your client’s success bring joy to you?

Dearest fellow clinicians,

Joy. Joy

Do you bring joy to your clients and their families? Does your client’s success bring joy to you? Dr. Hanley encourages us to join him “on this quickening walk towards a more perfect ABA to help families of autistic persons whose lives are negatively impacted by problem behavior.”

I recommend you take Dr. Hanley’s Practical Functional Assessment and Skills-Based Treatment (PFA/SBT) 10 CEU online course.

I am not a master in Dr. Hanley’s PFA/SBT program, but there is an entire community that can help you learn it and be successful with the program. The 10-hour online course and team members will help you bring success to your clients with joy! “PFA and SBT Community: My Way to HRE” is a Facebook group that will answer questions, share trainings, and support all who want to implement ABA “that their grandmother would be proud of” (as Hanley suggests in the videos).

What is it? PFA/SBT is a program that helps you individualize the client’s program with much less blood, sweat, or tears. The program teaches you to implement ABA in a way that brings remarkable success and joy! If you take his 10 CEU study, you may feel it goes against what you learned about ABA. For instance, like many of you, I was trained to teach a client socially-appropriate ways to make requests. However, if they don’t do what we taught them, we wait it out. That waiting can be painful for everyone involved in the showdown. There is a better, more loving way.



I leave you today with a few thoughts:

  1. The ABA-haters might not have had clinicians who implemented loving, joy-filled ABA.
  2. PFA/SBT provides a safer ABA for you and your techs.
  3. We have the power to implement value-based ABA!

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