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Hi-5 ABA’s Services Flyer

Please see the below list of Hi-5 ABA’s Services:

Admin Services
Billing Services
Clinical Consulting
Support Services

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Admin Services:

*Hi-5 ABA Processing

    • Payroll
    • Bookkeeping Liaison
      • Business Consulting
      • Financial Reports
      • Performance Planning
    • Cashflow Assistance:  Interest/Fee-free Advances Against Receivables (Discretionary)
    • Credentialing
      • Type I and Type II NPI Assistance
      • Contract Negotiations
      • CAQH Provider Application Assistance
    • Insurance Companies Franchisee Can Utilize
      • Medicaid
      • Tricare/Humana
      • Self-Pay
      • County/Grant
      • Most ABA Insurers
    • Recruiting Assistance
      • Indeed
      • Facebook
      • Website
      • Conferences

Billing Services:

*Hi-5 ABA Processing

    • Processing Claims
    • Collections
    • Appeals

Clinical Consulting Services:

*ABC Behavior

    • Case Review/Consulting
    • Interview Help/Training
    • Audit Assistance
    • Crisis Management
      • Parent Complaints
      • Mandatory Reporting Events
      • Tech Problems
    • Ethics Problems: BACB/Medical Board Complaint Assistance
    • Assistance with Staff Development and Strategic Planning 

Support Services:

    • Use of Hi-5 ABA Franchise System:
      • Marketing
      • Social Media
    • Dedicated Website
    • Conference Attendance
    • Advertising Brand and All Locations
      • Material Templates (Brochures, Business Cards, and other materials)
      • Ad Templates for Email Blasts
    • Start-up Business Consultation
      • Initial Incorporation (3rd Party Professional Consult)
      • Establishing Business Bank Accounts (3rd Party Professional Consult)
      • Professional Liability/Workers Compensation Insurance (3rd Party Professional Consult)
      • Business Plan Assistance
      • Marketing Plan Assistance
    • Ongoing Business Consultation
      • Assistance with Insurance Barrier Negotiations
      • Assistance with Recruiting/Staff Planning
      • Cashflow Management
      • Budgeting/Pricing
      • Advertising
    • CentralReach (Discounted Rates)
    • Training
      • Operating Systems
      • Onboarding/Processing Staff
      • Manuals (RBT/BCBA/Franchisee)
      • Training Videos
    • Intranet
      • Contract Templates
      • Help Desk
      • Information Hub

Initial Franchise Fee Options:

1) $10,000 upfront.

2) $1,000 due at signing and another 11 payments of $1,000 monthly.

3) 5% of billables for a year or $12,000, whichever is later to occur. (This option means nothing is due at signing.)

*If you’re an existing practice with upwards of 2500 billable hours in the last six months, you would qualify as a “Conversion Franchise” and the initial fee would be just $500.*

Financial Considerations:

Beyond that, we have an ongoing fee of 20% of your billables that covers all of the ongoing services listed above. That 20% drops as your office hits certain benchmarks.

Other fees would be a Professional Liability and Workers Comp insurance; the pricing of which will vary by state and total number of employees. A business license will be required if you don’t have one, the pricing will depend on your state as well, but shouldn’t be much. You’ll have a CentralReach (data collection/billing database) account for each of your BCBAs and Techs and that will be $33/user/month. Lastly, you’ll have a Google Suite account for the company email that will cost $12/user/month, but that’s likely only for you and your BCBA(s).

Any other costs would be associated with getting your in-home office set up. You’ll need a laptop, cellphone, and printer/copier if you don’t already have one.

I’m certain you’ll have questions. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a call.


Tim Maddox
Director of Franchising
Hi-5 ABA, Inc. (an ABC Behavior affiliate)
5306 Lee Highway, Warrenton VA  20187

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Hi-5 ABA is a proud Authorized Continuing Education (ACE) Provider

5306 Lee Highway
Warrenton, VA 20187, United States
Office: (703) 544-4277
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