ABA Services

Helping children with autism reach their full potential

Hi-5 ABA BCBAs provide in-home Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to children that have developmental disabilities. They work with insurance companies, counties, and self-pay clients to help develop behavior goals based on interviews, functional behavior analysis, and assessments. Following initial client/family assessment, behavior analysts prepare behavior treatment plans customized to the individual client which may include a variety of goals related to: behavior management, communication skills, transitioning skills, organizational skills, essential living skills, and/or social and life skills. Upon approval of a service authorization request, the BCBA will conduct an orientation and schedule the first session to begin pairing with the child.

Client services invariably include a parent-training component designed to equip parents with ABA-related skills so that families may retain the benefits of ABA following the conclusion of services. Medicaid and other insurers increasingly require parent training as part of the program because the effective implementation of ABA requires consistent application within the family. Solid parental command and execution of ABA techniques make the difference between a client’s success with the technician alone and the client’s generalized success when the technician is absent—at home, at school, and out in the world.

Hi-5 ABA BCBAs conduct a variety of assessment types and services consistent with industry standards, including functional assessment interviews, VB-MAPP, PEAK, and ABLLS, to examine a client’s learning skills, communication skills, developmental milestones, motor skills, etc. Analysts may primarily utilize Discrete Trial Training (DTT), Natural Environment Training (NET), or a combination. The BCBA’s treatment plan will identify specific, measurable behavior goals for the client and determine how those goals should be achieved.

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Order of Events

In-home ABA most often begins with an autism diagnosis, though some other diagnoses may trigger qualification for ABA services (depending upon insurance provider coverage). The BCBA will conduct an Initial Assessment which requires attendance of both the client and a caregiver. The BCBA will then develop a preliminary treatment plan and submit it to the child’s medical doctor for approval. Upon approval, the BCBA will request services from the client’s insurance carrier. Once an insurance authorization is obtained (typically for a six-month period), the Orientation to Services is scheduled and conducted for the client and caregivers. Introduction to the Behavior Technician(s) may occur at the Orientation to Services or shortly thereafter. A schedule for sessions is determined, typically comprising 10-40 hours/week. Sessions primarily involve a Behavior Technician running programs specified in the treatment plan, documenting data on those programs, and helping parents to understand how to facilitate the client’s progress. Analysts will periodically also attend sessions, both in-person and via video-conference, to oversee Technician performance, observe client progress, and update treatment plans.



Length of Services

Length of services will vary from client to client. Some children achieve behavior goals and are discharged within as little as three months. Other children benefit from continued ABA services throughout their childhood. Determining factors include severity of developmental disorders, life circumstances, and insurance authorizations. Services are generally faded off prior to discontinuation.

Quality of Services

Hi-5 ABA only works with Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) well-versed in Hi-5 ABA standards, practices, policies and procedures. Clinical consultation is also available to each BCBA during regular business hours to address any questions or concerns that the BCBA may have over any given case.

Each BCBA supervises a team of Technicians who provide the majority of direct services. All Hi-5 ABA Behavior Technicians must complete, at minimum, a BACB-qualified 40-hour introductory course in ABA techniques, and receive ongoing training, supervision and direction specific to each client with whom they participate in providing services from a BCBA familiar with the client and family.

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