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ABA Services, LLC


My name is Maria Morfin.  I have a child on the spectrum, which has prompted me to refocus my life.  I remember getting the diagnosis and thinking, “OK. What now?”  I had so many questions, but most of all, I kept thinking, “What can I do to help him?”  Since my son was nonverbal, we were already doing speech therapy, but his problem behaviors were still an issue.  I began to search the internet and came across Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), a type of therapy that can improve social, learning, and communication skills through positive reinforcement.  I thought, “Yes, we need that.”  ABA Services Olathe, Kansas

Unfortunately for us, the closest clinic that offers this service was a state away with sixty children on their waiting list.  After a month, the list had not moved.  It took me a year to begin his ABA therapy, but it was so worth it.  We both learned how to manage his violent behavior and the triggers, and most of all, learning skills. 

Experiencing the changes that happened within my son by receiving ABA services and knowing that, as a parent, I have done the most that can be done with the science that is available for our time is the best feeling in the world.  ABA Services Olathe, Kansas

With the hope of sharing that joy, I opened ABA Services, LLC, an independently owned and operated ABA Service Provider of Hi-5 ABA.  Our clinic strives to build a community where children with all abilities matter and to become part of the solution by reducing the gap between services available and services needed in our local community.  ABA Services, LLC is here to help children with autism adapt to the world and be included as a positive participant in the community.

Our BCBAs teach coping strategies to deal with the many physical and mental sensitivities associated with autism by creating an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) to suit each child’s unique challenges, while also providing parents with the necessary skills to help their child better adapt. 

The proverb, “it takes a village to raise a child,” holds true for our community because it really does require all of us to interact with our children to help them flourish in a safe and healthy environment, as I believe the phrase itself was intended.  ABA Services Olathe, Kansas


Children with autism and developmental disabilities under the age of 21.  


Monday – Friday: 9a-7p

Saturday: By Appointment Only

Sunday: Closed


Applied Behavior Analysis is a research-based, data-driven approach toward helping people and organizations improve human behavior. ABA is especially applicable to children with autism, assisting them in better communicating, acquiring social skills, and developing appropriate behavior. 

Services begin with an initial assessment and orientation to services performed by a Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBA). The client must be present for both meetings. After the initial assessment, the analyst will design a treatment plan and apply for authorization from an applicable insurer. During Orientation, the analyst and parent(s) will plan a weekly treatment schedule. Direct therapy generally runs 10-30 hours/week, depending upon the client’s needs, and is performed substantially by one or more behavior technicians under the analyst’s direction. The analyst provides specific instruction to the behavior techs, performs remote and/or on-site supervision as appropriate, and modifies the treatment plan as progress occurs. Reassessment and reauthorizations typically occur every six months if continued services remain necessary.

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