Richard North

Born in Youngstown, OH, Rich North was taught that hard work and helping others are the keys to success and happiness. With two younger sisters but no brothers, being the only boy kept him very busy in different sports, social clubs, and art activities (drawing, writing, and singing). ABA Services in Phoenix

Rich later moved to Durham, NC to attend North Carolina Central University where he earned his Bachelor’s in Behavioral Social Science. During this time, Rich mentored and worked with children diagnosed with ASD and other developmental disabilities. His passion to work with children with disabilities started long before college. Rich’s mother started a group home for people with disabilities while Rich was in high school, giving him opportunities to help residents with tasks and goals.
ABA Services in Phoenix
After completing his Bachelor’s, Rich returned back to school to obtain his Master’s Degree in Business Administration Healthcare Management from the University of Phoenix. Rich has also worked with Duke University Health System & UNC Healthcare with over seven year’s experience in the healthcare industry and over four years working with individuals with disabilities.
Rich and his wife Ana have a son together, placing family at the forefront in each decision they make. The goal of NRHS is to bring those same Family Values to the services NRHS provides. Operating with integrity, hard work, dedication, and fun, Rich and Ana are very excited to provide ABA services to families all across Arizona.

ABA Services in Phoenix

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