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Hi-5 Welcomes MaryAnn Tello from Laredo Texas

Hi-5 ABA Welcomes Mary Ann Tello of Laredo, Texas

In Laredo, Texas, the Rio Grande divides many families; half of a family may live in Texas, while the other half lives in Mexico.  Though that divides many, developmental disabilities and autism also isolate families from their loved ones.  Mary Ann Tello—a BCBA in Laredo—empathizes with those families’ pain and wants to help.  For years she fought for families as the local Advocacy Ambassador for Autism Speaks and helped further ABA in the school system.  She is now an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) service provider with her own Hi-5 ABA franchise!


Mary Ann Tello. ABA in Laredo Texas
Mary Ann Tello. ABA in Laredo Texas

Ever since Mary Ann began studying Criminal Justice and Psychology at Texas A&M International University (TAMIU), her passion for serving this vulnerable population has consumed her time.  She started as a Special Education teacher, taught as an assistant Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) for over a decade, assisted students with emotional disturbance as a Motivational Learning Center (MLC) teacher, and helped as a Functional Living Skills (FLS) unit teacher in Laredo.  Mary Ann has since obtained two Masters Degrees—one for Criminal Justice and the other for ABA—to further her impact on the children of her community and beyond.

She strives to help all children become as independent as possible.  One of her favorite stories detailed a sweet girl with Down syndrome in seventh grade, still in diapers.  Mary Ann quickly had her out of diapers and to this day, several years later, the girl is still toilet-trained.  Because of her effectiveness in the classroom and desire to help families more personally, she became a home-bound teacher.  She worked with children incapable of attending a typical school setting.  The goal was to help the entire family, not just the child, succeed.

In addition to teaching families about living skills, Mary Ann advocated for families by connecting them with local resources and talking to congressmen about policy change for Texas.  She’s active in Autism Walks and resource fairs for the local community.  Mary Ann is proud to be a resource in her area for Spanish and English-speaking families alike, who struggle with autism.  She offers compassion and hope, teaching children how to be as successfully independent as possible.

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