Helping children with autism reach their full potential

Paloma Academy in Melbourne, FL

Paloma Academy is a day school for children with behavioral disabilities opening in Melbourne, Florida.  The academy, partnering with Hi-5 ABA, offers compassionate evidence-based behavioral therapy to children, regardless of diagnosis.  The founders named the school Paloma because it means “Dove”– a symbol of peace.  “Paloma” also happens to be the name of Picasso’s youngest daughter.  Picasso was able to show unique beauty with each piece of art.  This academy wants to highlight the beauty and uniqueness of each child.

Offering a curriculum that extends from the morning greeting to the end of the day, the staff individualizes behavior plans so that each student may grow from the moment they arrive.  They focus on the development of early childhood thinking through purposeful play and joyful learning.  The plans utilize the evidence-based principles of positive reinforcement to create a fun learning environment.

Paloma Academy Leadership

A strong team founded Paloma Academy.  Sherry Marvinny, the CEO, started as a successful entrepreneur in the aviation industry, and at the same time, developed a volunteer program for those in critical need, called the Flying Angels.  With the successful sale of her business, Sherry devoted her career to helping others, focusing on Special Education.  She quickly rose through the ranks from educator to director.  Sherry’s ability and vision allowed her to create and implement highly innovative developmental programs, which greatly enhance the child’s educational opportunities.

Carrie Chaves, the Education Director, holds two Master’s Degrees, one in Special Education, and one in Elementary Education, and is a Doctoral Candidate.  She has over 35 years of experience as an Exceptional Student Educator in multiple states, including Florida, Colorado, New York, Texas, and Arizona.  Carrie is on the International Council for Exceptional Children.  Her areas of expertise include Special Education, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), General Education, Curriculum Specialist, Academic Intervention Specialist, Alternative High School and Adult Education, as well as designing and implementing Inclusion program for Special Education.

Carolyn Kienzle, the Clinical Director of Paloma Academy, is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).  She has been board certified since 2015 and worked in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) since 2012. Carolyn specializes in teaching verbal language, sign language, and the use of communication devices.  She focuses on making sure each student has the ability to communicate their wants and needs appropriately. The leaders of Paloma Academy are excited to implement their vision in the community.

To become a team member at Paloma Academy, you may use the contact form on their webpage.  Student applications are accepted at this link: student application.

Hi-5 ABA partnered with Paloma Academy in Melbourne, Florida
Paloma Academy in Melbourne, Florida

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