About Us

Hi-5 ABA’s founders began as “ABC Behavior” first developing Hi-5’s current system in 2015 and since then has operated businesses offering behavioral therapy services under the name “ABC Behavior.” As of December 31, 2018, ABC Behavior operated 10 businesses in Virginia, which currently serve clients in Northern and Central Virginia. Since 2019, Hi-5 ABA franchises have expanded that business model into most of the country.


Our Leadership

David Maddox, J.D.

Director (Chairman), Chief Executive Officer, President

David Maddox is our co-founder and has served as our Chief Executive Officer, President, and Chairman of the Board of Directors, since Hi-5 ABA, Inc.’s, inception in 2018. Mr. Maddox has served as President and Director for our affiliate, ABC Behavior, since its founding in 2014, and for the corporation of which it is a division, Cornerstone Missions, Inc., which he founded in 2003. Mr. Maddox is also a founder and Director for our affiliate, Hi-5 Processing, Inc., since its inception in 2018.

Timothy Maddox

Director of Franchising

Mr. Tim Maddox has served as our Director of Franchising since our inception in December 2018. Mr. Maddox previously served as a sales manager and sales representative for Empire Today in various locations nationwide from December, 2017, to November, 2018, and from May, 2016, to May, 2017. Mr. Maddox also acted as a sales representative for Luna from May, 2017, until December, 2017. Prior to that time, Mr. Maddox was an Assistant Manager for Extra Space Storage from October, 2013, until May, 2016, in Chantilly, Virginia.

Sara Lucas

Chief Operating Officer of Hi-5 ABA Processing

Mrs. Sara Lucas is a member of the Senior Management Team of Hi-5 ABA affiliates.  She has served as Director of Claims and as Special Assistant to the CEO of Hi-5 Processing since December 2018. Before assuming those roles, she served as the Billing Director for ABC Behavior in Warrenton, Virginia, beginning in January, 2015.  As Director of Claims, Mrs. Lucas oversees billing, collections, and credentialing, and facilitates a broad range of administrative tasks and systems development.  As Special Assistant to the CEO, Mrs. Lucas performs directive oversight of special projects and speaks on behalf of the CEO toward third-parties and across the spectrum of administrative staff at Hi-5 Processing.

Ben MacGowen

Chief Operating Officer of Hi-5 ABA

As Hi-5 ABA’s COO, Ben oversees the development and build-out of the nation’s leading ABA franchise group in addition to system development, process improvement, product development, and affiliate integration. Ben graduated from the University of Massachusetts – Amherst with a bachelor’s degree in Hotel, Restaurant, & Travel Administration and possesses extensive experience in business development, project management, and finance. Prior to joining Hi-5 ABA, MacGowen planned, opened, and managed a number of businesses, leveraging a combination of creative and practical management skills to capture the business vision, establish strategic plans, and deliver sustainable results.

Originally from the Greater Boston Area, Ben now works and resides in Naples, Florida.