Month: March 2019

Helping children with autism reach their full potential

Faith and Vision: The Story of Hi-5 ABA

“What do you have faith and vision for?” is a common question from David and Stephanie Maddox, the founders of Hi-5 ABA.  It is the question that built their success as the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Franchising company.  Their story is unique and has helped hundreds of special needs children in the US and around the world.

It starts with David, as the eldest of eight children, being told since childhood, “impact the world,” by a mother who was one of the first women to graduate from law school in the US and the first woman on Capitol Hill to run a Senator’s office, and a father who was an Attorney in Virginia.  Changing the world was dinner table conversation.  David went on to build real estate businesses in the US, own investments and plant churches in Africa.  Yet he still wanted more.  The vision to impact the world was growing but the “how?” wasn’t fully revealed until he met Stephanie.

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